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We’ve been hosting monthly sewing circles over at Fashion Revolution Scotland - keep an eye out on Instagram for details this month’s virtual ‘stitch & bitch’ event!

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Just popping in with a roundup of some of my latest articles to catch up on, plus a little reminder that I share lots more content here that is exclusive to paying subscribers. From bullshit-free brand reviews that sift through the haze of greenwashing, to original industry deep dives on topical issues, to weekly news and podcast lists that offer the most important links to delve into, I’m really proud of the little space I’ve carved out and I’d love to share it with even more people. Support independent writing and help me keep creating content about the issues that matter in fashion today.

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Latest work

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PS. I’ve uploaded lots of goodies to both fashion resale app Depop and clothes sharing app Nuw if you fancy a little #SecondHandSeptember wardrobe refresh.

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